Anxiety Attacks While Driving

If so, this can be a frightening experience and a dangerous one. Anxiety attacks while driving usually occur due to a past traumatic experience that happened while driving. Maybe you had an accident and now have a fear of driving or maybe you had a spin out or came close to an accident. Many things can happen while driving that can cause fear and ultimately anxiety.

There are also many different forms of anxiety while driving, such as fear of driving in rain, driving over bridges, driving alone, or driving in traffic. This is just a small example of the fears and anxiety that can occur with driving. No matter which fear or anxiety you have with driving the path they take are usually the same.

First you have a traumatic experience that scared the begeezies out of you, now you have a fear of driving due to the fear of this situation occurring again. While you think you can handle it and get in the car, you find yourself having scary thoughts about this again, your mind reacts to these thoughts and the anxiety rises leading to a full blown anxiety attack. The scary part is that you are behind the wheel!

This is dangerous not only for yourself but for those who may be in the car with you and those driving on the road around you. It is important that this is not taken lightly as it can be very dangerous if the anxiety attack happens while driving and you cannot control it. The best thing to do in that situation is pull the car over and either wait it out or call someone to come get you. You do not want to put lives in danger.

For a long term solution, which is needed, natural remedies are the way to go to help you deal with these attacks and ultimately cure them so you do not have to worry about getting behind the wheel again.