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Characteristics of Self Closing Industrial Safety Gates

Safety gates are easy to install in various openings and are available in aluminum and stainless steel that allows for special applications and also available as carbon steel.

An original self-closing industrial safety gate known as the A -gate is effective, easy to install, and also provides passive trip protection in both commercial and industrial settings. The A series self-closing industrial safety gate have a highly durable stainless spring which is capable of automatically closing the gate after each swing thus providing a near continuous protection from leading edge falls. It is usually made from carbon steel and is as well available in aluminum and stainless steel to aid in unique environments and applications.

The Z series is a gate for new construction or a platform gate. You can install the Z series self-closing industrial gate with ease. It also have a stainless steel spring that allows for automatic closing of the gate after every passage.

The other type of a self-closing industrial safety gate is the toe board kit that offers coverage from the top rail to floor coverage. The toe board kit is easy to install and provides a continued toe board protection across platform openings of safety gate.

RX is another self-closing industrial safety gate used as a stairway gate and as an access control safety gate.

They were developed from plastic swing gates and can be installed in a few minutes on all handrail types. The RX series are self-closing industrial safety gates that are improvements of plastic swing gates and are installed with ease on all types of a handrail. The RX series is more recommendable because they have a variety of finishes and has a competitive price.

The XL series is, on the other hand, an extended coverage self-closing safety gates. The fact that XL series of self-closing industrial safety gate comes with variety finishes is advantageous since it can also be used for special applications. The finishes of XL series of self-containing industrial safety gate includes the galvanized and yellow powered galvanized safety gates. The XL series self-closing industrial safety gates are ideal since they are easy to install and also have a positive stop. Another benefit of using an XL series is that it can be mounted left to right and can as well fit in all handrail.

A standard bolt on industrial safety gate called the R series is ideal for a stairway safety gate and as an access control gate as well.

The G series is the universal hinge mount safety gate and is used effectively for trip protection, machine guard, pedestrian traffic management and access control. A universal hinge mount safety gate known as the G series is ideal for the fall protection, machine guard, access control as well as pedestrian It is easy to install since no cutting, welding or drilling is required.

The ZT series is a full coverage safety gate from top rail to the floor.

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