How To Escape a Speeding Ticket By Getting Away With A Warning

Learn the tips on how to act when stopped by a police officer and what to say to increase your chances of getting away with a warning and not being ticketed. If you would like to save yourself from the worries and expenses of dealing with a speeding ticket then after reading this article you will know what to do when stopped by an officer.

If a police patrol car pulls up behind you with lights flashing, the key to the next few minutes is keeping things safe for you and the police officer. Slow down and carefully pull over to the right shoulder, making sure to use your turn signal.

If you’re uncomfortable stopping in a relatively unpopulated or unlighted area, slow down, turn on your hazard lights and indicate by a hand signal that you’re going up ahead. Then pull over as soon as you get to a more populated area. Police officers understand this concern.

If it’s night, turn on your dome light once you’ve stopped. Remain in the car, unless you’re told to get out. It is a challenge to the officer when you get out since officers are very cautious due to the high rate of attacks in these situations.

Roll the window down and keep your hands in view on the steering wheel. In case you must get your driver’s license, registration or insurance card in the glove box, a purse or other enclosed area, tell the officer before you do it.

The trick is to play it cool and keep it safe. The easier and safer you make the procedure for the officer to approach you the more likely the officer will let you go just with a warning and not assign you a speeding ticket.

What to say to the police officer?
Of course the process of keeping it safe for the officer is only half of the match. Next you need to persuade officer to allow you to go with a warning.

The first thing the police officer will ask you after stopping your car will likely be whether you know why you’ve been stopped.

Police officer will want you to admit that you were speeding and that’s what most drivers do – they admit that they did actually speed and they get a speeding ticket for this. A speeding ticket not only costs them $150 but you’re also dealing with your insurance premiums.

Most people get pretty nervous when they got stopped by an officer. The secret is to remain calm, speak to the officer in respectable tone and politely ask whether the officer can allow you to go with a warning.

The first question the officer will likely ask is whether you know why you’ve been stopped. You basically have 3 things to say:
1) Admit that you’re speeding. The good side is that you are being honest and the officer enjoys it. You could have a chance that the officer will let you go with a warning.
The negative is that if you get assigned a ticket and you had admitted that you were indeed speeding then it’ll be used against you at court. Officers usually take notes on what you say. So in the event you feel that you’ll get assigned a speeding ticket then you shouldn’t directly admit that you were speeding.

2) Deny that you were speeding. This approach usually creates tension between you and the police officer. If you do not have a reasonable argument to convince the officer that you were not speeding then you will get assigned a ticket.
The great side for this approach is you will have more opportunity to beating your speeding ticket in court, since you did not admit that you were speeding.

3) Do not admit that you were speeding but deny it. This approach might actually be the best one. When the officer says that you’re stopped for speeding you can say:”Oh, I see…” and then you can, in a respectful voice, give an excuse to an officer that you did not detect your speed bar or was too tired after work or some other excuse that does not seem right downright lies.