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Online Car Auctions Can Take You for a Ride

Posted on April 7, 2024 by Charles Hurley

The Web has provided the general public with a good and convenient tool that means it is simpler to do all types of things than it was previously. One of these brilliant things, strangely enough, may be the sale of automobiles. It appears strange that cars would sell well on the internet, as you would believe buyers would like to "kick the tires" prior to making a purchase. The success of eBay Motors, AutoTrader along with other online sites specialized in the sale of automobiles indicate otherwise, as business at the websites is thriving.

Consumers who want to buy a vehicle online should become aware of a favorite scam perpetrated by crooks who want to steal your cash - the wire transfer scam. Owner supplies a vehicle on the market that he / she doesn't genuinely have; they often times just post a stock photo or one they found somewhere. The sellers often indicate they are situated in Europe, plus they insist upon a wire transfer, such as for example Western Union, for payment. After the buyer sends the amount of money, owner vanishes, to never be heard from again.

This scam has been going on for quite a while, & most of the web auto auction sites encourage their customers to never pay for a car utilizing a wire transfer, even though owner promises to utilize escrow to guarantee the safety of the transaction.

Below are a few tips for those who find themselves shopping for a car online:

  • Ask owner when you can drop by and start to see the vehicle personally. Somebody who doesn't already have the automobile in his / her possession will likely refuse. Even though you haven't any intention of paying a trip, just asking to see it may be useful.
  • Look out for auctions that feature stock photos or photos from brochures. A person with a genuine car to market will be able to have a picture of it.
  • Avoid any seller who'll only accept a wire transfer for payment.
  • Avoid a seller who says the automobile is internationally but offers to cover the shipping to america. This can be a common ruse utilized by scammers far away.
  • Look out for a vehicle that's offered on the market at a cost that seems too inexpensive for the model. A $25,000 car offered for $10,000 should tripped bells in your mind.
  • If on eBay, check the seller's transaction history to see should they have an archive of actually selling vehicles. Scammers sometimes hack into eBay user accounts and sell utilizing the name of another, established user. If owner is selling a Harley but includes a history of only buying cds, look out.
  • While investing in a vehicle through online auction sites is an excellent solution to purchase one, buyers should exercise exactly the same cautions as if they buy other things on the web. In case you are buying a pricey item and you also are not sure of the seller, be cautious.