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Radar Detector Buyers Guide

Posted on November 18, 2021 by Charles Hurley

Radar detector manufacturers are constantly playing a game of catch-up with new technologies designed to nab the lead-footed, some of the critical Variables when buying a Radar Detector are:

False Alarms: The situation when too many false alarms occur. If your Radar Detector always falses than you'll begin to ignore it finally - then in case of a true radar trap it'll be too late.

X/k Radar Sensitivity: These frequencies are used already in the 60 and 70, and so the radar sensors manufacturers already know how to find them .

KA Radar Sensitivity: More expensive components are required for this sort of frequency, many manufacturers prefer not to incorporate this feature to save money on the evolution of the device.

Gatso Sensitivity: usually utilised in Speed Cameras, this the most commonly used global frequency - only very great K-Band sensitivity can help you ...

"Pop" Radar Technology: A relatively new instant-on technology which may make a whole generation of radar detectors obsolete. These radar guns operate at low frequency until they are switched to ascertain a driver's speed with lightning-fast precision. This leaves a radar sensor little chance to scan and detect the radar signal.

Pop radar might sound ominous, but a new crop of radar sensors provide Pop radar detection. Sometimes Pop detection isn't enabled by default at the radar sensor, however; users need to turn it on in the settings menu.