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Why Won't My Car Start?

Posted on December 17, 2020 by Charles Hurley

Have you ever had your car just"die" on you, you try to start it and it just won't start. You end up calling a tow truck and paying those big tow bills, then to make matters worse the technician at the store tells you it will cost hundreds of dollars to make it run again,is that true? Maybe maybe not.

Say for instance you're driving at night wipers and heater,lights and radio on you notice that the headlights keep getting dimmer and dimmer shortly the vehicle"expires"; and now won't begin the most probable cause is that the alternator has failed, not the battery because if the battery failed the alternator would still keep power to the vehicle until you turned it off then it wouldn't restart.

You're driving for a while and the car just"shuts off" all of the instrument lights come on but when you attempt to start it it just turns over but won't start. First it depends what sort of car this occurred to whether it was an import like state Honda, acura, toyota, subaru, nissan, mitubishi, the engine timing belt may have broken (if it has been more that 60,000 miles because you changed it ) you should have the ability to tell if when you attempt to start the engine it seems different like its only"freewheeling" quicker than normal, this is bad cause the majority of the import cars mentioned will do expensive damage to the motor once the timing belt breaks.

If your car is a national one chevy ford etc, be patient wait just a little bit maybe 30-45 minutes and attempt to start it if it begins hurray! However, it will"die" again after it is hot enough again, make certain to tell your neighborhood tech this valuable info and request all components they replace to fix your vehicle to let them know you understand something about the car also.